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Castoreum is so favorably fragrant that weve been using it to flavor ice cream, chewing gum, pudding and brownies. (not their anal gland, although the glands really are too close for our comfort under the tail), to communicate to each other mark territory, deter predators,. Castoreum kstrim is a yellowish exudate from the castor sacs of the mature north american beaver (castor canadensis) and the european beaver (castor fiber). Thats because the natural flavouring castoreum is obtained from the anal glands of beavers, says professor robert chilcott. Jamie oliver was on david letterman last night, and the two of them discussed beaver anal glands. It turns out theyre used to make an additive called castoreum thats used in ice cream and other.   do you enjoy strawberry, raspberry, or vanilla ice cream? Then you may be secretly enjoying beaver anal glands. This fda approved food additive, is labeled as a natural flavor. The real name for the additive is castoreum, which originates from female and male castor sacs. Theres a very good chance youve eaten beaver anal gland secretions. If youve ever guzzled strawberry or raspberry flavoured drinks, slurped vanilla ice cream, enjoyed an. (the location of the beavers castor sacs means that castoreum also often includes a mixture of anal gland.). Of the three, beaver anal glands, a whiffy combo of glands and urine that beavers use to mark their territory, captured by far the biggest share of peoples attention. Since then numerous search queries have hit my blog seeking a list of specific foods containing these glands, which are ground up into a product known as castoreum used in raspberry, strawberry and, most often, in vanilla.   it turns out that castoreum is regularly used to flavour ice cream, which makes us cringe just thinking about how many times we powered through a tub of substance removed from a beavers anal gland. After celebrity chef jamie oliver went on david lettermans show and mentioned castoreums presence in vanilla ice creamif you like that stuff,.

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